Everything doesn't last foreve, because change is constant. I hat that, I think a lot to of people will agree with me on that,especially when it comes to friends. I had recently fell victim to that, but good thins end so something even better can happen, right? Well that happened for the other person in this equation, she ended up getting a best friend from cutting ties with me. Of tcourse that best friends is also one of my best friends too, but I don't see even better outcome for me.

All I got from this equation, is minus a girl I loved, and trusted with everything, and added a broken heart with a few weeks of thearpy.I mean then again a week in the hospital for that reason, did hurt her feelings a lot, but she's making it out like I don't care for her. Yes okay a selfish decision like that is more than extremly self centered, but she tried talking me out of it and that made me take so many less pills. I can honestly say if she hadn't talked to me, I would be six feet under right now, but no she is also being modest about that.

Of course everyone told me that like things repel, and honestly I don't want to believe that, because before that we had what seemed like a very good friendship going despite her knowing how strong my feelings were for her. Either way im just trying my damn hardest to get over it, but everyone knows if things go on like this I will be on another four year chase with no end.